Mission Control


In 2020, SDE Skills is transforming into a multi-chapter organization. Inspired by the successful meetups in Seattle, and the strong interest in starting something similar in other tech hubs, we felt that organizing ourselves as a central mision control, with multiple local chapters, serving local needs, is the best way to spread the social good.

Mission control, regularly checks in with each of the chapter leads and ensures consistent operation. In addition, it also works with upcoming chapters (like Boston) and help to get them off the ground

If you are a corporate entity, looking to engage or partner with us, please reachout to one of the members of the leadership team

If you are interested in volunteering, virtually or otherwise, ping us on discord, we will get you setup appropriately.

Leadership Team

Bhavesh Patel

President / Executive Director

Vivek Kirubanandan

Founder and Advisor