Seattle Chapter

Established: 2010


10 years ago we started SDE Skills with a goal of providing a forum where like-minded software engineers could meet on a regular basis to discuss various aspects of software engineering, keep their skills updated on innovations in the industry and help each other build the necessary soft skills required to progress in their careers.

The tenets we defined were simple

  1. building a community with a structured engagement model to benefit all members,
  2. driven by voluntary efforts members where members provide the resources for quality engagement,
  3. the forum is safe and free interactive medium to build software engineering skills, where engineers of all skill levels are welcome to engage in a non-competitive, non-hierarchical, open engagement with the singular goal of holistically improving their software engineering skills.

As of 2019, SDE skills, in new form, has been very active in the Seattle Eastside area for 2 years now with 300+ active participating members and 30+ volunteers dedicated to managing engagements. Since inception we have meet 400+ times in recurring meeting once every week, discussed various topics related to software engineering. We are in the process of replicating Seattle's success to other locations like Toronto, Bay Area, Boston and more.

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Local Support Team

Devi Nayar

Seattle Chapter Lead

Gaurav Agarwal

Seattle Tech Lead

Supriya Dixit

Seattle Operations Lead