About SDE Skills

SDE Skills is a volunteer led, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been helping improve the interviewing skills of the community.

Our Core Values

  • We over index on Consistency, Reliability and Dependability
  • We strive to be efficient and effective
  • We are compassionate, inclusive
  • We actively encourage participation from the community
  • All our programs are built with community-first approach

Our Team

Meet our awesome team. These are the folks who make things happen.

Bhavesh Patel

President / Executive Director

Vivek Kirubanandan

Founder and Advisor

Seattle Chapter

Established: 2010

Devi Nayar

Seattle Chapter Lead

Gaurav Agarwal

Seattle Tech Lead

Supriya Dixit

Seattle Operations Lead

Bay Area Chapter

Established: 2015

Sanath Kumar

Bay Area Chapter Lead

Akshay Adagale

Bay Area Chapter co-Lead

Toronto Chapter

Established: September, 2019

Patrick Cosmo

Toronto Chapter Lead

Smit Rao

Toronto Co-organizer

Virtual Chapter (Online)

Established: 2010


Online Chapter Lead

Boston Chapter (proposed)

Established: Q1, 2020 (expected)

Pamela (Schulz) Moore

Boston Chapter Lead